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Craig's Hut & Lake Cobbler
On this Journey we go up to The Man From Snowy River country. We visit Craig's Hut, camp at Lake Cobbler, see Victoria's largest water fall and enjoy some good 4x4 tracks.

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Mt Wellington
  Mt Wellington has one of the best ridge top drives in the high country. Along with great camping and outstanding views of the high country & Lake Tali Karng this region also offers some awesome hiking opportunity for the adventurous.

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Billy Goats Bluff Track
  Billy Goat Bluff Track is an iconic high country 4x4 track. It is steep and challenging and you are rewarded with fantastic views of the Wonnangatta Valley and Dargo High Plains. A must do 4x4 adventure.

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Mt Selma & Woods Point

  A great weekend winter destination. Camp on Mt Selma in the snow, tackle challenging river crossings & 4x4 tracks - this article has it all.
Drop into the Woods Point Hotel for lunch or dinner and the Erica Hotel on the way home!

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Trig Track
Thomson State Park
 For those looking for a great weekend destination that involves challenging 4wd, camping or hiking opportunities then Trig Track in the Thomson State Park is a good option. Only 2 hours from Melbourne's eastern suburbs makes it an easy overnight getaway.

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National Park
  Wyperfeld National Park and Mallee region of North West Victoria offer ideal remote camping, hiking & four wheel driving. You need to be well prepared due to its isolation however the sand dunes and scenery are well worth the effort. Ideal for a long weekend adventure.
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Wonnangatta River & Valley
Join the journeymen as they camp on the beautiful Wonnangatta River. We explore great 4x4 tracks leading in & out of the Wonnangatta Valley in the Victorian High Country. 

Mt Wellington, Billy Goats Track & Castleburn Creek region

The journeymen travel up into the high country and explore Mt Wellington, The Pinnacles, Billy Goat Bluff & Castleburn River. We also feature the launching & rescuing of the Australian version of a 4x4 Sputnik - you'll understand it when you see it!

Victoria High Country - 
Butcher Country & Caledonia River

The journeymen explore pristine & remote country and discover some awesome camp spots. We also tackle some great 4x4 tracks and enjoy outstanding views from the mountain tops.  

Thomson State Park

John & Les have a bit of fun on a weekend getaway up to the Thomson State Park near the Thomson Dam in the Victorian High Country. We camp on the Thomson River and pop into Walhalla. Les is going to Canberra for holidays so I give him a run down on what he should do there! 

Murray Sunset National Park

John does a solo trip to the Murray Sunset National Park and discovers & camps at a remote location called Rocket Lake. Awesome country!